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Third party libraries

The node, ruby and python snippets require third-party libraries:


Get all genus

Plants & Species


In all the following samples, /plants can be switched to /species and /species can be switched to /plants. The only difference is that /species API calls will return matching species, subspecies, varieties etc..., and /plants API calls will only return main species (without all the children species).

Get all plants

Get all species

Get only edible plants

Get tallest trees

  • Get all plants
  • With tree ligneous type filter[ligneous_type]=tree
  • Without plants with no maximum height filter_not[maximum_height_cm]=null
  • Ordered by maximum height descending (highest first) order[maximum_height_cm]=desc

Get plants in Antartica

See Distributions to learn more about distributions zones.

Get plants introduced in Marion-Prince Edward

Get plants native from Tibet

Get species with height between 5cm and 20cm

Get species with red flowers

Get search for coconut species

Get species with oldest discoveries first

Zones & Distributions

See Distributions to learn more about distributions zones.

Get all countries / zones

Get countries / zones with less than 10 species

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